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Spiritmuse presents #193 – Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)

An 1h set featuring tracks from our latest release on Spiritmuse Records, ‘David Ornette Cherry’s Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)’. David Ornette Cherry is continuing his father’s legacy of Organic Universality, legendary trumpeter and innovator, Don Cherry. It includes a mini-tribute on Don Cherry, together with some of our latest favourite releases by Nat Birchall, On Our Own Clock, Carlos Nino & Friends and Isaiah Collier & the Chosen Few. Enjoy ?



SPIRITMUSE presents #190 Meditative Sounds

An 1 hr journey of vinyl gems for a deep listening, meditative experience through Spiritual Jazz, Psychedelic Folk, Field Recordings and experimental sounds. Includes music from Amancio D’Silva, Joe Harriet, Gabrielle Roth, Princess Flower and the Moon Rays, Lloyd Miller, and Floating Points w/ Pharoah Saunders, together with ritual field recordings and Spiritmuse selected samples for your listening pleasure.

Vinyl only, Enjoy! ?



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SPIRITMUSE presents #186: Best of 2020

And right before the year ends, here’s our show celebrating the best music of 2020, including our favourite new music and reissues, and our own Spiritmuse Records releases for the year. The show is packed with gems from Sun Ra Arkestra, Matthew Halsall, dumama + kechou via Mushroom Hour Half Hour, a Gambian Griot kora duet via Folkways, deep listening music by Joshua Abrams and Jon Hassel and beautiful spiritual jazz by Cosmic Vibrations ft. Dwight Trible, Kahil El’Zabar and David Murray.

Wishing you a great 2021 everyone! ?

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SPIRITMUSE presents #184 • Latest releases – Spiritual Jazz

Spiritmuse Records presents #184

1 hr show featuring exclusive tracks from our upcoming release on Spiritmuse Records, ‘Kahil El’Zabar’s America the Beautiful’, together with  tracks from our latest release by Cosmic Vibrations ft Dwight Trible ‘Pathways & Passages’. This is killer new genre-breaking jazz mixed in with some of our old spiritual jazz favourites from Phil Cohran, Hans Dulfer, John Tchicai, Don Cherry and more. All vinyl – Peace & Enjoy ?

Kahil El’Zabar’s America the Beautiful’ OUT 23 OCT 2020

Cosmic Vibrations ft Dwight Trible ‘Pathways & Passages



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MADONJAZZ #79: Focus on New Jazz

MADONJAZZ #79: Focus on New Jazz with brilliant new and recent contemporary jazz releases w/ a mix of old classics. Includes new music from Collocutor, Matthew Halsall, Nat Birchall and Tumi Mogorosi, together with recent releases by Mitch & Mitch (Lanquidity Rec), Dominic Martin and the Greg Foat Group. All next to classics from Gerardo Frisina, Yusef Lateef, Maulawi and Curtis Fuller. Enjoy!

MADONJAZZ #79: Focus on New Jazz by Madonjazz on Mixcloud

Matthew Halsall & the Gondwana Orchestra Live

A truly magical evening on Monday 16th June at the House of St Barnabas, where Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra introduced their new album, ‘When the world was one’. The album, the fifth offering from Matthew Halsall, is truly exceptional; deep spiritual jazz with Eastern influences, reflecting Halsall’s recent travels to Japan and the music of one of his heroes, Alice Coltrane.

MADONJAZZ - Matthew Halsall "When the World was One'
MADONJAZZ - Matthew Halsall "When the World was One'

The performance was nearly mystical, contributed largely to the music content and the interesting choice of instruments; featuring a bunch of seriously talented young musicians, they delivered hypnotic grooves and meditative slow-build solos with a brilliant double-bass, harp, flute, drums, piano, tenor sax, the Japanese koto and of course, Halsall’s trumpet. And there couldn’t be a more fitting venue for showcasing Halsall’s spiritual melodies than the chapel at the House of St Barnabas: this intimate space, with remarkable acoustics and a strong feeling of reverence only added to the magic of the evening – a truly remarkable, unforgettable night. 

MADONJAZZ - Matthew Halsall "When the World was One'
MADONJAZZ - Matthew Halsall "When the World was One'

MADONJAZZ is dedicated to exploring the world of deep jazz and love of vinyl, and there isn’t a better contemporary example of this than Halsall’s latest album. We believe that Matthew Halsall, together with Nat Birchall who contributed to the album recording, are leading the way in British modern spiritual jazz.

MADONJAZZ - Matthew Halsall "When the World was One'

“When the World was One” by Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra, is out now on vinyl, CD and mp3 on