Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #158: Deep listening

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #158 – Deep listening. An 1h set of deep and spiritual and world jazz, together with field recordings and psych-folk sounds from Japan, Turkey, Europe, America and beyond… All vinyl, Enjoy 🎶 Spiritmuse Records is a new independent record label based in London, UK, dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from past and future, music for both

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Be Known Ancient/Future/Music

Release 10 MAY 2019 Spiritmuse Records is super thrilled to present to you the new spiritual jazz album by the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, led by legendary Chicago percussionist Kahil El’Zabar.  An artist in a league of his own, he’s acknowledged throughout the world as the leader in the vanguard of spiritual and afro-futuristic jazz. Alongside El’Zabar on multi-percussion & vocals

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #151

We’re proud and super excited to announce the launch of our new label Spiritmuse Records! We’re an independent label dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from Past and Future. It’s about music for both mind and spirit: from spiritual jazz & world jazz, to left-field jazz electronica, ancient field recordings and psych folk sounds. Our inaugural 1hr vinyl show gives you