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Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #153 – MADONJAZZ is 6 !

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #153 – MADONJAZZ is 6! Our B’Day bash, celebrating 6 yrs of exploring the world of deep jazz, deep listening and love of vinyl. It includes some of our favourite albums played on the show during the last year, together with killer obscure finds from our recent diggin’ trip in New York and Chicago. As always,

MADONJAZZ is 6yrs old!

MADONJAZZ is 6 years old today!! Here’s a selection of our favourite flyers & visuals over the past

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #151

We’re proud and super excited to announce the launch of our new label Spiritmuse Records! We’re an independent label dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from Past and Future. It’s about music for both mind and spirit: from spiritual jazz & world jazz, to left-field jazz electronica, ancient field recordings and psych folk sounds. Our inaugural 1hr vinyl show gives you

MADONJAZZ #149: Deep, Spiritual Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ #149: Deep, spiritual jazz sounds. An 1hr all vinyl set of recent deep and spiritual jazz finds.

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults vol 20: Deep & Spiritual Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults vol. 20: Deep & Spiritual Jazz Sounds . An 1hr set including jazz gems from Dom Um Romao, Batsumi, Phillip Cohran, Sun Ra, John McLaughlin and the legendary Randy Weston, who passed away recently. Recorded live in a London venue, in SEP 2015. All vinyl. Enjoy! 🎶

MADONJAZZ Classics: World Jazz Summer Sounds

MADONJAZZ CLASSICS vol 18: World Jazz Summer Sounds. An 1hr mix by Thea packed with deep summery sounds

MADONJAZZ Late Night Deep Jazz

MADONJAZZ #146: Deep & Spiritual Jazz Sounds. Another spiritual journey of deep jazz sounds with African and Middle Eastern influences from Mark Gallagher. Includes music from The Full Moon Trio, Fitz Gore and the Talismen, Mitsuaki Kanno, Alice Coltrane, Don Cherry, Sadao & Charlie and Archie Shepp. Broadcasted live on FRI 6 JUL 2018. As always, vinyl only. Enjoy! 🎶

MADONJAZZ #145: African & Middle Eastern Spiritual Sounds

MADONJAZZ #145: African & Middle Eastern Spiritual Sounds. A 1hr set from Mark Gallagher, a spiritual journey of African field recordings, Middle Eastern gems and Afro-jazz rarities. Broadcasted live on SAT 30 JUN 2018. As always, vinyl only. Enjoy   

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds . An 1hr spiritual journey around the world and across various cultures, with


MADONJAZZ dj’ing & diggin’ in Japan Here’s a taste from our recent dj’ing & diggin’ trip in Japan.