New Jazz

MADONJAZZ #136: Best of 2017

MADONJAZZ #136: Best of 2017. Our selection of the best reissues and releases of the year. Vinyl only


MADONJAZZ #100 w/ Mark G. & Thea, exploring the world of deep jazz and love of vinyl >>

MADONJAZZ #79: Focus on New Jazz

MADONJAZZ #79: Focus on New Jazz with brilliant new and recent contemporary jazz releases w/ a mix of old classics.

MADONJAZZ – More Jazz Gems

The latest MADONJAZZ, full of vinyl jazz gems and new releases from Melanie de Biasio and Paul Murphy’s new comp ‘The Return of the Jazz Club’, together with our little tribute to Wayne Henderson.

MADONJAZZ – Jazz Old & New

Latest MADONJAZZ live show with vinyl only gems, with Thea & Mark G. digging into old and showcasing new jazz and latest releases