MADONJAZZ are Thea & Mark G, a duo of jazz heads, radio producers, label owners and global vinyl diggers, travelling around the world and exploring the deeper side of jazz, music for both mind and spirit: from spiritual jazz to Afro, Eastern & world jazz sounds.

These diggin’ trips have been instrumental in shaping and ever-evolving their taste of music, while broadening their musical and cultural horizons.

MADONJAZZ & Spiritmuse Records Diggin’ list of cities below: 

Diggin’ in Paris
Diggin’ in Tokyo
Diggin’ in Amsterdam
Diggin’ in Rome
Diggin’ in Athens
Diggin’ in Milan
Diggin’ in Brussels

Here’s a little taste below – articles / reviews of the record digging trip destinations coming up soon.

Read more about our recent diggin’ trip to Japan here .

MADONJAZZ Digging in Milan MADONJAZZ Digging in Rome MADONJAZZ Digging in Brussels

MADONJAZZ Digging in Greece 2