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MADONJAZZ #119 – Best of 2016

MADONJAZZ #119: Welcoming the new year with the best releases and reissues of 2016. One hour of vinyl-only deep jazz & world jazz favourites, including fresh music from Sarathy Korwar, Shabaka & the Ancestors, Fawda Trio feat Swamimillion, Vibration Black Finger and Yussef Kamaal, together with music from top album reissues from Ahmed Malik, Sun Ra, Brother Ah and Oriente Oggi. Happy new year – Enjoy! Peace & Jazz ?


Welcoming the New Year with an impromptu vinyl-only deep jazz session: an 1hr mix by Mark G., with strictly deep jazz favourites. Hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year from the MADONJAZZ crew.
Peace & Jazz ?

Online Radio Awards Day – MADONJAZZ

MADONJAZZ on Online Radio Awards Day! 2hrs of vinyl-only jazz from around the world w/ Thea & Mark G., in exploring the world of deep jazz & love of vinyl with an Afro and Eastern jazz twist.

This show was part of Online Radio Awards Day, a unique Facebook Live broadcast hosted by Mixcloud, lasting 24 hours and featuring radio shows from around the world. Our show took place between 10.00-12.00 GMT.

We were thrilled to be part of this amazing event, thank you Mixcloud!

Check for the other shows in the lineup.
Enjoy this one!

MADONJAZZ #117 – Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ #117: Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Jazz Sounds with Thea & Mark G. 2hrs of vinyl-only jazz from around the world, including music from Mogollar, Sun Ra, Graham Collier Sexter, Billy Bang’s Survival Ensemble, Equinox, Pedro Santos, Guido Manzon, George Russell & Ravi Shankar. Strictly deep jazz w/ Afro & Eastern flavours. Hope you enjoy!
Peace & Jazz ?

MADONJAZZ #116 – Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Sounds

MADONJAZZ #116 w/ Thea & Mark G: 2hrs of vinyl-only gems including music from P. E. Hewitt, Terumasa Hino, Sun Ra, Maffy Falay, Clifford Thornton, John Mayer, Johnny Diyani and Don Cherry. Strictly deep jazz w/ Afro & Eastern flavours ? Hope you enjoy!

We’re absolutely thrilled to be finalists for ‘Jazz Radio Show’ 2016 on the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, second year running! Thank you for all your support x ! Peace & Jazz

MADONJAZZ #114 – Deep & Spiritual Jazz Sounds

Thea & Mark G. w/ 2hrs of vinyl-only deep & spiritual jazz, going back to the MADONJAZZ roots: includes favourites from Cecil McBee, Brother Ah, Don Cherry, Charles Tyler, Oliver Lake, Alice Coltrane, Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet, M’Boom, Yusef Lateef and of course, the ingenious Sun Ra. Strictly deep, modal & spiritual jazz vinyl.

MADONJAZZ #112 – Deep Jazz, Afro & M. Eastern Sounds

MADONJAZZ is back from its’ summer travels with 2hrs of vinyl-only selections from Thea & Mark G. packed with gems from Bobby Hutcherson , Alice Coltrane, Gilles Torrent, Sun Ra and Brigitte Fontaine, together with new reissues from Brother Ahh & Sadao Watanabe. Hope you enjoy!

MADONJAZZ #110 – Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Jazz Sounds

A 2hr live vinyl-only show from Thea & Mark G., packed with fresh releases including Sarathy Korwar’s brilliant debut album ‘Day to Day’, together with rare finds from their recent digging’ trip in Amsterdam. Listen in for killer sounds from John Berberian, James Tatum, Gil Evans, Alvin Queen, Ahmed Malek, E. W. Wainwright Jr, Karl Hector & Sonny Fortune. Enjoy!

MADONJAZZ #109 – Deep Jazz, Afro & M. Eastern Sounds

A 2hr vinyl only broadcast w/ Thea and Mark G. packed with music from Ahmed Malek, Gil Melle, Sun Ra & Yussef Lateef. It also includes music from the latest Black Disco reissue from Matsuli Music, the brill ‘Koute Jazz’ from Digger’s Diggest and the newly released ‘Peace Chant’ comp on Tramp Records. Hope you enjoy!