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Spiritmuse Records #182 • Deep Listening Jazz Set

Spiritmuse Records #182 • Deep Listening Jazz Set

This a recent 1hr set by Mark Gallagher (Spiritmuse Records) for IMR Radio, France, for a laid back, deep listening jazz experience. It includes tracks from Spiritmuse Records latest releases, together with some of our favourite deep jazz classics.

This is an all vinyl set – sit back & enjoy! ?☄️





  1. ‘Katon’ – Kahil El’Zabar’s Spirit Groove ft. David Murray – (Spiritmuse Records)
  2. ‘Inner Organs’ Codona (ECM)
  3. ‘Euterpe’s Favorit’ – Family of Percussion & Archie Shepp (Nagara)
  4. ‘Llanto Del Indio’ – John Tchicai / Charlie Kohlhase / Garrison Fewell / Cecil McGee / Billy Hart  (NoBusiness)
  5. ‘Peace of Time’ – Abdullah Sami – (Spiritmuse Records)
  6. ‘Heart Is A Lotus’ – Michael Garrick Sextet with Don Rendell & Ian Carr (Gearbox)
  7. ‘Hex’ – Jon Hassell (Ndeya)
  8. ‘Oof’ – Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Spiritmuse Records)


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Spiritmuse Records #182 • Deep Listening Jazz Set

Spiritmuse Records presents #169

Spiritmuse Records presents #169: An 1h set by Mark Gallagher compiling alternative takes on our favourite tracks of 2019. The set is packed with killer gems by the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Abdullah Sami, Sarathy Korwar, John Coltrane, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Spaza, Black Monument Ensemble, Matthew Halsall and Joshua Abrams.

As always, all vinyl. Enjoy ?

Here’s to the great music coming up in 2020!?



Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #168: Nine for 2019

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #168: Nine for 2019

In no particular order, here’s our favourite nine for 2019 on vinyl:

  • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Be Known Ancient/Future/Music (Spiritmuse)
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago, We Are on the Edge  boxset (Erased Tapes)
  • Sarathy Corwar, More arriving (Gearbox)
  • Joshua Abrams, Simultonality (Eremite)
  • Abdullah Sami, Peace of Time  (Spiritmuse)
  • Matthew Halsall, Oneness (Godwana)
  • Damon Locks / Black Monument Ensemble, Where Future Unfolds  (Int’l Anthem)
  • Spaza  (Mushroom Hr Half Hr)
  • John Coltrane, Blue World (Impulse)

Have a happy new year y’all! ?







Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #161: Deep Listening

Spiritmuse Records – MADONJAZZ #161: Deep Listening / African Drums. Influenced from our recent digging’ trip in Paris. Enjoy ?

Spiritmuse Records is a new, independent record label based in London, UK, dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from past and future; music for both mind and spirit: spiritual jazz • global sounds • field recordings • left-field electronica • psych folk.

Spiritmuse releases:

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble’s Be Known Ancient/Future/Music 

Abdullah Sami’s ‘Peace of Time’ https://abdullahmsami.bandcamp.com/album/peace-of-time

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #156: Peace of Time

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #156: ‘Peace of Time’. We’re very proud to present to you our first release on Spiritmuse Records, the ultra-rare spiritual jazz holy grail, Abdullah Sami’s ‘Peace of Time’ by the NYC & Chicago’s underground avant-grade jazz scene. Originally only self-released in 300 copies by the artist in 1978, it’s now finally being reissued, fully licensed and remastered. In addition to the 3 tracks from this incredible recording that has acquired mythical status, the show also includes gems from Phil Cohran, Soji Adebayo, Diom Futa, Moontribe and many more. As always, all vinyl. Enjoy ?

Abdullah Sami ‘Peace of Time’ out on 12 APR in USA and 19 APR in Europe, on RSD Day!

Preorder now on  https://abdullahmsami.bandcamp.com/album/peace-of-time

MADONJAZZ #133 – Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Sounds

MADONJAZZ #133: Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Sounds – Thea & Mark G. for 2 hrs of deep jazz & world jazz gems from their recent digging’ trip. Includes music from Amancio D’Silva, Sun Ra, Areski, Don Cherry, Abdullah Sami, Archimedes Badkar and many more. Vinyl-only. Enjoy ?
Broadcasted live on Mon 11.9.17 at 9pm BST