Ndikho Xaba and the Natives

MADONJAZZ: South African Jazz w/ Matsuli Music

MADONJAZZ South African jazz w/ Matsuli Music, celebrating the release of their new re-issue of Swanzi spiritual jazz holy grail, ‘Ndikho Xaba and the Natives’.
Matt Temple from Matsuli Music gave us a brilliant, educative journey into South African jazz, packed with vinyl gems from the late 60’s and early ‘70s. It includes super-rare recordings from the legendary As-Shams label, and a worldwide exclusive ‘taste’ of Matsuli Music’s next release. Enjoy!

Matsuli Music promotes Mzansi Afrojazz Sounds, specialising in lost and forgotten urban sounds of South Africa. Run by London-based Matt Temple, they have re-issued a number of rare out-of-print grails such as Batsumi’s self-titled spiritual gem, Dick Khoza’s ‘Chapita’ and Bea Benjamin’s masterpiece ‘African Songbird’, and continue to do so, as manifested by their latest release, ‘Ndikho Xaba and the Natives’ on http://matsulimusic.bandcamp.com/

MADONJAZZ – Deep Jazz sessions is back on the 29th March on http://madonjazz.net

MADONJAZZ: South African Jazz w/ Matsuli Music by Madonjazz on Mixcloud