Barney Wilen

Spiritmuse presents #192: Sounds of Summer

An 1h set of deep listening summer sounds, including music from Sun Ra, Barney Wilen, Ahmed Abdul Malik, Ariel Kalma, Tasos Stamou and Johnny Dyani and more. It also features two exclusive tracks from our latest release on Spiritmuse Records,  David Ornette Cherry’s Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual). Vinyl Only. Enjoy the deep Summer sounds and let the sunshine in ☀️ Peace & Love

l i n k  i n  b i o



MADONJAZZ #162 by Spiritmuse Records – Spiritual Jazz

Spiritmuse Records​ presents MADONJAZZ #162: Deep & Spiritual Sounds. This is an 1hr journey of spiritual jazz classic favourites from Mark Gallagher. It Includes music from the World’s Experience Orchestra, Sun Ra, Azanyah, Nucleus, Barney Wilen and many more. As always, All vinyl. Enjoy ?

Spiritmuse Records is a new, independent record label based in London, UK, dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from past and future; music for both mind and spirit: spiritual jazz • global sounds • field recordings • left-field electronica • psych folk.

Spiritmuse releases:

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble’s Be Known Ancient/Future/Music

Abdullah Sami’s ‘Peace of Time’

Spiritmuse Records presents: MADONJAZZ FTV Vol. 30

Spiritmuse Records presents: MADONJAZZ FTV Vol. 30. An 1hr sesh including deep & spiritual world jazz gems from Barney Wilen, Ahmed Abdul Malik, I.P. Son Group, Philip Cohran, Charles Lloyd and many more.
Recorded live in Feb 2017. As always, all vinyl. Enjoy ?

Spiritmuse Records is a new independent record label based in London, UK, dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from past and future, music for both mind and spirit.

MADONJAZZ Classics: French Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ Classics: French Jazz Sounds.
We’re continuing unearthing our favourite shows, and this time, the spotlight is on France. Congratulations on winning the World Cup!

An 1hr vinyl-only set from Mark, exploring the world of French jazz and its multicultural African and Middle Eastern influences. Perfect summer sounds. As always, vinyl-only. Enjoy ? ??

Broadcasted live on 24.07.2016 on

MADONJAZZ #131: African Percussion Jazz

2 hours of exploring the world of African percussion, its’ folk roots and influences on jazz. Includes music from Phillip Cohran (recorded just before his passing – RIP), Francis Bebey, M’Boom, Clifford Thornton, Guem, A.K. Salim and El Babaku, mixed with African field recordings. Deep African percussions throughout.  Vinyl only – Enjoy!
MADONJAZZ African Percussion Jazz

MADONJAZZ #122 – Deep Jazz, Afro & Eastern Jazz Sounds /Part 2: Present

Our 4th B’Day celebrations conclude with this Part 2: Present.
2 hrs of vinyl only rarities with Thea & Mark G., including music from I.P. Son, Barney Wilen, Cecil McBee, Sun Ra, Don Cherry, John Berberian, Don Ellis, Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Phillip Cohran, George Russell Sextet, Moondog and many more.
Hope you enjoy ?

MADONJAZZ #121 – 4th B’Day /Part 1: Past

MADONJAZZ is 4 yrs old! And what better way to celebrate our 4th B’day than recreating our first ever radioshow, broadcasted live on 27.01.2013! MADONJAZZ #1 was packed with vinyl only favourites, jazz gems from Horace Silver, Valdambrinini-Piana Quintet, Bunky Green & Donald Byrd, to deep jazz gems from John Coltrane, Hector Costita, Augusto Martelli & Pete La Roca, to Middle Eastern Jazz from Ahmed Abdul Malik, to deep Latin jazz from Klaus Doldinger & the Afro-Latin Soultet, to Afro influenced jazz from Barney Wilen. Going back to our roots, vinyl only style. Hope you enjoy!
Peace & Jazz ?

MADONJAZZ #111: French Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ #111 – French Jazz Sounds: a 2hr special exploring the world of French Jazz and love of vinyl. Music by Kosi Anatz, Jef Gilson, Chene Noir, Barney Wilen and Francois Tusques, among many others. It includes an 1hr mix by Mark G. Hope you enjoy, Peace.