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Spiritmuse Records presents 179: The Interplanetary Travels of Sun Ra

We’re celebrating the 106th Interplanetary arrival of Sun Ra on Planet Earth, with our quintessential selection of our favourite tracks from the Afrofuturist pioneer’s extraordinary volume of work. Considered by many ‘The Greatest of All Time’, he’s been an immense personal influence and mainstay of our shows, as is to many other jazz lovers and beyond. For 2hrs, we Travel the Spaceways – this is our tribute of love to this unique experimental musician, composer, bandleader, piano and synth player, theatrical performer, poet and cosmic philosopher.

Recorded live on 22 May 2020. All vinyl –  Enjoy 🎶


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MADONJAZZ #147: ‘Valley of Search’ special

We’re exploring the world of the New York loft jazz scene in the 70’s and the spiritual jazz cult album ‘Valley of Search’, recently reissued on vinyl, with an exclusive interview with Alan Braufman. Originally released on the legendary India Navigation label in 1975 and recorded live on 501 Canal St, – a creative arts and music loft space venue in downtown New York, the album was recorded by Bob Cummins, the Indian Navigation label owner with an amazing lineup of musicians including Cooper-Moore and Cecil McBee. During this exclusive interview, Alan Braufman shares with us some amazing stories on the album and the historic 501 Canal St. There are tracks from the ‘Valley of Search’ throughout the show, together with music from Cecil McBee and other India Navigation Records gems. Enjoy 🎶

You can get the album here: https://alanbraufman.bandcamp.com/album/valley-of-search-reissue

MADONJAZZ #147: ‘Valley of Search’ special.

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds . An 1hr spiritual journey around the world and across various cultures, with music from Bengale, Israel, Zimbabwe, Italy, France, West Africa, Iran, Arabia, Sweden and more. It also includes some amazing Japanese folk from our recent diggin’ trip to Japan.
Broadcasted live on SAT 23 JUN 2018.
As always, deep, jazz-influenced vinyl only sounds. Enjoy.

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds

The 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards are here!

The 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards are on and voting is now open!

If you’ve been enjoying our shows, please vote for us – every vote counts! You can vote for as many of your favourite shows as you like, so please nominate MADONJAZZ for the Jazz category, we’d really appreciate it!

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We’d really love your support. Peace, Love & Jazz ✌💙 🎶

MADONJAZZ diggin’ in Brussels:

 MADONJAZZ diggin in Brussels: We had a wicked time last weekend, exploring the world of deep jazz and love of vinyl in Brussels! Great city, top food and shops, and some dope diggin’ to top it off. Big up Veals & Geeks,  JukeboxSeymour Kassel for the interesting, killer finds! Belgian deep jazz special coming up soon 🎶


MADONJAZZ #139: World Music Special

MADONJAZZ #139: World Music special. A 2hr journey around the world, celebrating jazz-influenced music from different cultures including deep sounds from Egypt, India, Greece, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lebanon, Mali, Hawaii, France, Italy, Turkey, Japan and many more.

Broadcasted live on Sat 17 MAR 2018.
As always, vinyl only. Enjoy! 🌍 🎶

MADONJAZZ 139 World Music Special Vinyl only


MADONJAZZ is Five #138


We’re celebrating our 5th b’day with an one hour special, taking you on an even deeper journey of deep jazz, spiritual and avant-garde jazz gems, fresh from our recent diggin’ trip to Milan. As always, vinyl-only – Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ is Five! Avant-garde Deep Jazz Spiritual Jazz gems

MADONJAZZ at Spiritland 11 FEB 2018

We had a wicked time at Spiritland​ last Sunday 11 FEB 2018 – Big shout to everyone that came down, and big thanks to Spiritland for having us! For 5hrs we explored the deeper side of jazz, music for both mind and spirit: from spiritual jazz to Afro, Middle Eastern & world jazz sounds.

It was a pleasure playing vinyl-only obscure and expansive rarities in this amazing venue with a world-class audiophile sound system – Recording is up: sit back, relax and enjoy! 

MADONJAZZ at Spritland
SUNDAY 11 FEB 2018, 12-5pm

MADONJAZZ at Spiritland, London, FEB 2018