Ahmed Abdul-Malik Tribute

Spiritmuse Records presents Ahmed Abdul-Malik

We’re celebrating the music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik today in honour of his birthday, 30 JAN 1927, with an 1 ½ hrs special broadcast.

It includes tunes from his whole discography, recorded from the late 50’s into mid 60’s, together with some of his most important collaborations with other notable musicians of his era. This legendary musician and composer is one of its’ kind, a true pioneer and one of the first musicians ever that integrated world, non-western musical elements into jazz.

Those of you that have been listening to our MADONJAZZ shows for the last 7 years  know very well that his music has been consistently played in our shows from day one. Actually, Thea played ‘Ismaaa’ on our first ever show in JAN 2013! Abdul-Malik’s style of fusing African and Eastern instruments into jazz in a deep, spiritual way has been at the forefront of our shows, perfectly encapsulating the music that we’ve been representing throughout the years. We’re proud to pay tribute to this great innovator, musician and composer – way ahead of his time, and present to you his deep creativity, spiritual message and incredible music on his 93rd birthday combined with our 7th birthday!

This is a special show dedicated to the Life and Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik. As always, All Vinyl – Enjoy ?