Sounds of the Universe

Penge Jazz Sessions – May 2015: Round One

The legendary Penge Jazz sessions are back with a killer line up of top selectors, showcasing their favourite rarities. Epic 7 hrs of diverse jazz across all sub-genres. Strictly vinyl-only.
Recorded live on 24th May 2015. Enjoy!

Round One (30-40mins sets)

Mark G. (Penge Jazz / MADONJAZZ)
Adrian Magrys (Lanquidity Rec)
DJ Harv (Feeling Good – Point Blank FM)
Gordon K.
Wayne (SOTU)
Pete Buckenham (On the Corner Records)

The Penge Jazz Sessions – May 2015: Round One by Madonjazz on Mixcloud

MADONJAZZ – Deep Jazz w/ Wayne (SOTU)

The MADONJAZZ crew, Thea and Mark G., saw the return of Wayne (SOTU) for a 4hr deep jazz special packed with vinyl-only deep, modal and spiritual jazz. This includes an exclusive 1hr not-to-be-missed set by Wayne, diggin’ though his private collection and sharing with us his love of deep jazz.

Wayne (Sounds of the Universe) has been a jazz vinyl collector for over 35 years, with a collection as vast as his musical knowledge that spans on all jazz genres. You’ll find him at the original vinyl section at Sounds of the Universe record store in Soho.

Album of the week: Spiritual Jazz 5 – Jazzman Records

Have a listen to the show, we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

MADONJAZZ – Deep Jazz w/ Wayne (SOTU) by Madonjazz on Mixcloud


Wow! What a fest it’s been last Sunday! MADONJAZZ went MAD ON BRAZIL! Thea and Mark G. were joined by special guests Wayne (SOTU) and Gordon K. for 4hrs packed with rare and classic Brazilian gems! Includes a brilliant and insightful set into North Brazilian music by Wayne (SOTU). Enjoy!

Wayne (Sounds of the Universe) is a vinyl collector for over 35 years and is considered one of the authorities in London on all things Brazilian. He visits Brazil regularly and on this MADONJAZZ special we get a taste of his private Brazilian record collection. Gordon K. is a Latin music aficionado and he’ll be sharing some of his Brazilian gems collected over the years. Thea and Mark are sharing their rare Brazilian-tinged jazz, and as always, keeping things deep!

MADONJAZZ goes MAD ON BRAZIL! by Madonjazz on Mixcloud