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Spiritmuse Records presents FTV #38: Eastern Jazz Sounds

This is a 2hr set of deep listening and spiritual Eastern jazz sounds. It includes killer Egyptian and Middle Eastern gems, Greek and Armenian folk, Indo-Jazz and hypnotic Arabic delights. This is a MADONJAZZ Classic show recorded 5 years ago in December 2015, revisited and re-edited for your listening pleasure.

All tunes in this set are from rare vinyl finds during our digging travels in 2014/15 in Paris, Amsterdam & Thessaloniki. As always, All Vinyl.

Sit back, groove along & Enjoy!??

MADONJAZZ #150: The Spirit of Africa & Asia

MADONJAZZ #150: The Spirit of Africa & Asia.
An 1hr set of all vinyl spiritual African and Asian gems. It includes African inspired jazz sounds from The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Indian inspired jazz from Don Cherry, French avant-garde jazz, American cult sitar jazz, Italian African ethnic grooves to raw African and Bangladeshi field recordings of ritual healing music. Enjoy ?

Spiritmuse Records inaugural show coming soon !


MADONJAZZ Classics: Eastern Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ CLASSICS vol 21: Eastern Jazz Sounds.
Exploring the world of Eastern jazz with an 1hr vinyl only set from Mark Gallagher, packed with rare, multi-cultural jazz influenced favourites from the Middle East, India, Eastern Asia and beyond, together with Eastern inspired jazz from across the world. Enjoy ?

Broadcasted live on 12.04.2015. All vinyl.

MADONJAZZ Classics: Eastern Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults vol 19: Late Night Summer World Jazz

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults vol 19: Late Night Summer World Jazz Sounds. 1hr of deep and spiritual jazz with African and Middle Eastern influences. Includes music from Eric Dolphy, Michael Garrick, Charles Lloyd, Sun Ra, Lloyd Miller, Ahmed Abdul Malik and Salah Ragab. Enjoy ?

Recorded live in a London venue in SEP 2015. All vinyl.

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults vol 19: Late Night Summer Jazz Sounds


MADONJAZZ Classics: Summer Jazz Sounds pt 2

MADONJAZZ Classics vol 17: Summer Jazz Sounds pt 2.

We’re exploring the world of summer jazz and love of vinyl with another 2 hrs of beautiful spiritual and uplifting jazz gems, with an Afro and Middle Eastern twist. Perfect for those summer evenings.

Recorded live in JUN 2016. As always, vinyl only. Enjoy ☀️ ?

MADONJAZZ CLASSICS: Summer Jazz Sounds pt2


MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds . An 1hr spiritual journey around the world and across various cultures, with music from Bengale, Israel, Zimbabwe, Italy, France, West Africa, Iran, Arabia, Sweden and more. It also includes some amazing Japanese folk from our recent diggin’ trip to Japan.
Broadcasted live on SAT 23 JUN 2018.
As always, deep, jazz-influenced vinyl only sounds. Enjoy.

MADONJAZZ #144: Deep Global Sounds

MADONJAZZ #139: World Music Special

MADONJAZZ #139: World Music special. A 2hr journey around the world, celebrating jazz-influenced music from different cultures including deep sounds from Egypt, India, Greece, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lebanon, Mali, Hawaii, France, Italy, Turkey, Japan and many more.

Broadcasted live on Sat 17 MAR 2018.
As always, vinyl only. Enjoy! ? ?

MADONJAZZ 139 World Music Special Vinyl only


MADONJAZZ #118: Eastern Jazz – Egyptian 7″ mix by Victor Kiswell

MADONJAZZ #118: Eastern Jazz Sounds, inc. 1hr Egyptian 7″ mix by Victor Kiswell.
2hrs of vinyl-only gems from the Middle East and the Orient including music from Sun Ra & Salah Ragab, Okay Temiz, Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Walid Gholmieh, Leila Mourad & Warda.

Thea & Mark G were joined by Paris-based record dealer Victor Kiswell for an 1hr exclusive Egyptian & Nubian rarities’ 7” mix. Not to be missed! Enjoy! ?