Eastern Jazz

SPIRITMUSE presents #189: More Mind-Bending Sounds

An 1h set by Mark + Thea of deep listening left-field and experimental music from around the globe with a jazz flow throughout. It includes tracks from Chico Freeman, Steve Reich, Areski, Jon Hassell, Moondog and many more. Vinyl only. Safe travels – Enjoy! MUSIC FOR THE SPIRIT 🔴 https://www.mixcloud.com/madonjazz/spiritmuse-presents-189-mind-bending-sounds-vol2/   Connect with us: http://spritmuserecords.com https://spiritmuserecords.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/SpiritmuseRecords/ https://www.instagram.com/spiritmuserecords/ https://twitter.com/SpiritmuseRec  

SPIRITMUSE presents #188 – FTV vol. 39 Music for the Spirit

An 1hr set of spiritual, deep listening sounds of killer Egyptian, Moroccan and Middle Eastern jazz, together with Indo-jazz, African percussion and deep spiritual jazz gems. Recorded live 4 years ago at Brilliant Corners, London – now reworked for your listening pleasure. Enjoy • Deep Listening •  All Vinyl • l i n k  i n  b i o  🔴

Spiritmuse Records presents FTV #38: Eastern Jazz Sounds

This is a 2hr set of deep listening and spiritual Eastern jazz sounds. It includes killer Egyptian and

Spiritmuse Records​ presents #173: One World

Spiritmuse Records presents #173: One World.  An 1h set of deep listening sounds from around the world by

Spiritmuse Records presents Ahmed Abdul-Malik

We’re celebrating the music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik today in honour of his birthday, 30 JAN 1927, with an 1 ½ hrs special broadcast. It includes tunes from his whole discography, recorded from the late 50’s into mid 60’s, together with some of his most important collaborations with other notable musicians of his era. This legendary musician and composer is one

Spiritmuse Records presents: MADONJAZZ FTV Vol. 33

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ From The Vaults #33. An 1hr set of deep listening spiritual jazz and psych

Spiritmuse Records​ presents MADONJAZZ #163: Deep World Sounds

Spiritmuse Records​ presents MADONJAZZ #163: Deep World Sounds. An 1hr set from Mark Gallagher of deep, spiritual jazz

MADONJAZZ #162 by Spiritmuse Records – Spiritual Jazz

Spiritmuse Records​ presents MADONJAZZ #162: Deep & Spiritual Sounds. This is an 1hr journey of spiritual jazz classic

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #161: Deep Listening

Spiritmuse Records – MADONJAZZ #161: Deep Listening / African Drums. Influenced from our recent digging’ trip in Paris. Enjoy 🎶 Spiritmuse Records is a new, independent record label based in London, UK, dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from past and future; music for both mind and spirit: spiritual jazz • global sounds • field recordings • left-field electronica • psych folk.

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #160: Deep Listening

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #160: Deep listening. An 1hr journey of deep and spiritual jazz, field recordings and