Asian Jazz

MADONJAZZ #150: The Spirit of Africa & Asia

MADONJAZZ #150: The Spirit of Africa & Asia.
An 1hr set of all vinyl spiritual African and Asian gems. It includes African inspired jazz sounds from The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Indian inspired jazz from Don Cherry, French avant-garde jazz, American cult sitar jazz, Italian African ethnic grooves to raw African and Bangladeshi field recordings of ritual healing music. Enjoy ?

Spiritmuse Records inaugural show coming soon !


MADONJAZZ Classics: Eastern Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ CLASSICS vol 21: Eastern Jazz Sounds.
Exploring the world of Eastern jazz with an 1hr vinyl only set from Mark Gallagher, packed with rare, multi-cultural jazz influenced favourites from the Middle East, India, Eastern Asia and beyond, together with Eastern inspired jazz from across the world. Enjoy ?

Broadcasted live on 12.04.2015. All vinyl.

MADONJAZZ Classics: Eastern Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ Int’l Jazz Day 2018 on Worldwide FM

MADONJAZZ are Thea and Mark G, a duo of jazz heads, radio producers and global vinyl diggers, exploring the deeper side of jazz, music for both mind and spirit: from spiritual jazz to Afro, Middle Eastern and world jazz sounds.

To celebrate International Jazz Day on Worldwide FM, we dedicated the show to jazz from around the world, including American, African, Eastern and Asian jazz. Expect vinyl-only obscure and expansive rarities.

Full Tracklist here ?