Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ special show coming up in JAN 2020, celebrating 7 years of MADONJAZZ!  It’ll include killer sounds from our upcoming releases!

Here’s our some of our recent shows to enjoy in the meantime:

Spiritmuse Records presents: MADONJAZZ From The Vaults vol. 31.

An 1hr sesh which includes deep, spiritual world jazz gems by P.E. Hewitt, Sun Ra, Azanyah, David Amram and Hozan Yamamoto. It also includes Eastern & Arabic sounds and many more. Recorded live in 2017. 
All vinyl. 🎶

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #152: Spiritual Jazz & Deep Listening

A 2hr all vinyl set, exploring the Afro-futuristic and intergalactic offerings of the spiritual, left-field and alternative jazz scene of the ’70s and ’80s. It includes deep gems from Sun Ra, Stephen McCraven, Jeff Gilson, Jay Oliver, Alice Coltrane, Clifford Thornton, John Tchicai, Pharoah Sanders and many more! Not for the faint-hearted. Enjoy 🎶

Recorded live SUN 13 JAN 2019.

Spiritmuse Records presents MADONJAZZ #151

We’re proud and super excited to announce the launch of our new label Spiritmuse Records! We’re an independent label dedicated in unearthing hidden gems from Past and Future. It’s about music for both mind and spirit: from spiritual jazz & world jazz, to left-field jazz electronica, ancient field recordings and psych folk sounds.

Our inaugural 1hr vinyl show gives you a taste of what our label is all about. It includes music from our flagship artist Kahil El’Zabar and the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, with their new studio recording album coming out in MAR 2019 on Spiritmuse.

It also includes reissued avant-garde gems from Hartmut Geerken & John Tchicai, Tribal Ghost, Masahiko Sato, Nu Creative Methods, together with original recordings of African spiritual drums and psych folk sounds from Germany, France and Japan. All vinyl. Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ: Deep & Spiritual Jazz

An 1hr session including deep & Spiritual world jazz gems from Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sun Ra, IP Son Group, Philip Cohran, Moondog, Larry Young and many more. Recorded live at a London venue Feb 2017. All vinyl. Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ #150: The Spirit of Africa & Asia

An 1hr set of all vinyl spiritual African and Asian gems. It includes African inspired jazz sounds from The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Indian inspired jazz from Don Cherry, French avant-garde jazz, American cult sitar jazz, Italian African ethnic grooves to raw African and Bangladeshi field recordings of ritual healing music. Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ Exotic & Arabic Sounds.

An 1hr all vinyl set of Exotic, Arabic & M. Eastern treats for the dance floor.  Recorded live in a London venue on SEP 16. Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ #149: Deep, spiritual jazz sounds.

An 1hr all vinyl set of recent deep and spiritual jazz finds. Includes music from Wolfgang Dauner, Miles Davis, Hans Dulfer, The Family Percussion, Francois Tusques and many more. Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ #148: Deep, Spiritual World Jazz Sounds

MADONJAZZ #148: deep, spiritual world jazz sounds. An 1hr journey across various cultures around the world, from French-Chinese avant-garde electronica, to spiritual world jazz from Don Cherry and French folk, to deep jazz afro-grooves from Mongo Santamaria and Chico Hamilton, to African percussion jazz from Lulumba and the Family of Percussion. Broadcasted live 27 OCT 2018.

All vinyl. Enjoy. 🎶

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults Vol. 27: Deep & Spiritual World Jazz Sounds.

An one hr set of deep & world jazz gems including music from John Coltrane, Lloyd Miller, John Mclaughlin, Art Blakey, Phil Cohran and many more. Recorded in Sep 2016. All vinyl. Enjoy 🎶

MADONJAZZ From the Vaults Vol. 26: Spiritual Jazz, Afro & Eastern Sounds

An 1hr recording including music from Pharoah Sanders, Henri Texier, Sun Ra & his Arkestra, Brother Ah, Badal Roy, Lori Vambe and many more. Recorded live at a London venue in 2016. Enjoy 🎶